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Sports Day this year is going to be held in Manchester at the Armitage Centre on Saturday 13th September 2014.

The events will be completed within 3 venues, all within close proximity to the Armitage Centre. On the day, there will be a regular shuttle bus (es) service between all venues/sites (free of charge!). The two main reasons for having to have the events across multiple venues are:

  1. The main venue could not host all sports
  2. The cost for hiring equipment was too expensive (i.e. pool).

Sports Day Categories

There may have been some confusion on the sports that are taking place this year, so to clarify; the following will not appear in this year’s submission:

  1. Swimming
  2. Chess

All other sport categories will remain the same, however, please be aware, due to insufficient entries in past years, some categories have not been included and the participants who had entered were moved to another category.

  • TABLE TENNIS (Juniors, Mens, Over 40's, Ladies)
  • SQUASH(Men's Seniors, Over 40's)

*** Please that we are looking to introduce a 3 / 4 or 5KM run, just dependant on the size of the field that is available.  More information for this will come through in the next week or two.  PLEASE can you advertise this activity, as it something that was a popular request through the questionnaires completed last year. There will be two categories Men and Women.  Price is £8.00 as per any other sport.  So let’s try and gather together some of budding runners and introduce them to Sports Day. ***

Entrance Fees

Please note, in the interest of having to cover increasing costs, fees have changed, and are as follows:-

  • Juniors : £6.00
  • Seniors : £8.00
  • Spectators : £3.00

Key Dates for the Diary

Cricket Entry Deadline - Sunday 22nd June 2014

Cricket Tournament:

  • Sunday 6th July 2014 : MAIN DATE
  • Sunday 10th August 2014 : IF MAIN DATE RAINED OFF

Sports Day Entry Form Deadline - Sunday 20th July 2014

Sports Draw - Sunday 3rd August 2014 - SPA Leicester Hall, 10am.

Sports Day - Saturday 13th September 2014

Sports Day Feedback - Sunday 21st September 2014

Additional Teams

As discussed at recent meetings, it was decided that due to reductions in the number of participants, there is a possibility of combining players from varying branches to form teams.

Where we feel that numbers can be increased, we shall send out an email with this update on, (within a few days after the entry form deadline). This will give branches sufficient time to contact players/gather together a team to play if this is what they wish to be involved in.

The intention is not to deter players from branches who may find it difficult to make a complete team, such as in cricket.

Wii/Track Events

This year, we are fortunate to have available to us a 60m race track.

The Tameside manila community will kindly be organising some fun activities/track events for our younger attendees.  These will consist of running, three legged race, egg and spoon race etc... 

There may even be an opportunity for the adults to have a go too, so please encourage people attending on the day to come along to the track area for some family friendly fun.

We have also managed to organise a few electronic games competition which will be played on the Wii console (open to all).

Further details of these will follow in forth coming emails/communications.

Entry Form

The form is currently being redesigned and so will be sent out in due course.

Until then, please continue to collect names of your participants separately.

Further information to follow in the forth coming weeks, so please watch this space.

We want to give you all an updates as soon as possible so you can begin to start practices and collate names.

Please note that we have taken on board many of the suggestion made on the last Sports day and are attempting to implement them into 2014.

Please support us in implementing these changes and make this event a great success.



Nikhil & Youth Team

SPA (UK) Youth Leader

Kit Aid at Sports Day 2014

This year at Sports Day we are going to collecting any old and unwanted football kit for Kit Aid. Here is some more information and a copy of the Flyer to download:

"KitAid is a registered charity which collects and sends no longer wanted football kit (shirts, shorts, goalie gloves and boots in good condition) to children and adults who also love football but would only ever dream of owning their own kit.

Since 1998 we have donated more than 220,000 items of kit all across the World.

If you’d like to bring smiles to children and adults who are as passionate about football as you are, it’s time to ‘tackle’ your own boot rooms, bedrooms, lofts and garages and deliver any clean unwanted kit in a plastic bag or bin to the Sports Day in Manchester."

Kid Aid 2014 SPA UK Sports Day