Shree Prajapati Association (UK) has set up a fund to support Prajapati community in Gujarat during this COVID pandemic. The COVID Relief Grant form is for those who have suffered hardship either due to COVID infection or loss of income after March’21 due to lockdown, loss of job etc.

The form has been designed to be filled either by the applicant (patient) or by a member of a family or an executive of a local Prajapati Ashram.

Guidelines for filling the form:

  1. SPA(UK) reference number will be issued by SPA(UK) COVID-19 committee on receipt of your application, and you will be notified. You should use this reference number on all future communications by email or WhatApp. It is important that you make only one application and NOT multiple applications via different branches.
  2. Take photos of your “Adhar Card”, “Bank Details”, and “Bank Statement” on a mobile phone and then transfer them to your computer and upload using the “Browse” tab. Before uploading photos, check they are readable.
  3. Section 3, COVID details: this section is for the information of the patient noted in section 1 and is in hospital receiving treatment or have been treated in hospital and discharged.
    If the patient was infected by COVID and has been treated at home or at one of the local COVID Centre, then you do not need to fill section 3 but go to section 4.
  4. Fill section 4, If you have suffered a loss of income after March’21 due to lockdown, loss of job etc.
  5. Section 7, Form Completed by: If the form has been filled by the named person in section 1, then no further details are required.
    If the form has been filled by someone other than the named person in section 1, then full details of the person filling the form is required. In additional notes, please state how you are related to the patient, your view on patient’s health and family finances, and any information which will support the patient’s case.
  6. Section 8, please give information to support the case.
    In “additional notes” write Your view on patient’s health and other information about family circumstances, another person in family affected, hardship details etc for which a space has not been allocated on the form.
  7. For faster response, validate your application by one of the members listed below:
    Chirag Sumanbhai Lad (south Gujarat) +91 81418 14481
    Dineshbhai Mistry (Navsari Ashram) +91 98251 30631
    Balvantbhai Prajapati (Bardoli) +91 98259 69155
    Dipakbhai Lad (Chikli) +91 94275 75642
    Hareshbhai C Mistry (Degam) +91 7203 861718
    Bharatbhai C Mistry (Gandevi) +91 98980 63074
    Nareshbhai J Lad (Amalsad) +91 98983 60709
    Suketabhai Prajapati (Vapi) +91 99980 63029
    Rameshbhai Prajapati (Vapi) +91 99048 49686
    Samirbhai Prajapati (Valsad) +91 98982 48069
    Jiteshbhai (Navsari) +91 81287 93424
    Tarunbhai Prajapati (Kabilpore) +9194275 04863
    Naginbhai Mistry (Kabilpore) +91 93748 38382
    Chimanbhai Lad (Billimora) +91 2634284506

Applications are now closed.


To download a physical copy of the form, click the button below:

Download COVID Relief Form