Sandesh Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your Sandesh article, please can you read through these submission guidelines.

Branch Reports

The table below will provide you with a guide of how many words and images you can submit for an article depending on your page allocation.

Single Page Double Page Triple Page
300 words 600 words 900 words
3 images 6 images 9 images

Content hints

We know each branch has their staple events they carry out each year, but could we ask you to please try highlighting something unusual that your branch has done over the year which can be an inspiration to other branches/members.  Please also include a quick summary of your staple events but we already know you send out correspondence on this so try to keep it short.

Please note, the above figures are meant to be used as a guide for the optimal layout to balance the amount of text on the page, along with imagery and font size for readability. If you want to add more text you will need to reduce the amount of images submitted and vice versa, the more images you’d like on a page, the less text you will need to supply.

Executive Reports

As executive reports tend to have less imagery and more text here are the revised figures for those.

Single Page Double Page Triple Page
400 words 800 words 1200 words
2 images 4 images 6 images